Thursday, February 28, 2008

i imagine that always posting new blogs could help u write here it goes, my mom owns home plate cafe (which i hate) but thats just doesnt mean that u shouldnt go there. in fact its not the food that i hate its that i have to waste all of my weekends...and plus my mom has 2 b there like 24/7 so come on give her a brake!!the restaurant isn't doing all that well since its in the middle of a car no one can really see us there...which means that we dont get that much business!!! (wow i m doin pretty good...i m comming up with all of this stuff in the spot...this feels good!!!) any way, where was i ? oh ya...and when i go every weekend... i get paid like $7 fore like 5 hrs...i mean like WRIP OFF!!!! well thats enough 4 now bye!!!


Ma & Pa Turley said...

Oh, I must comment on this very negative narrative. We must always try to see the positive. Like: what other friends do you have that can earn money as easy as you can? and who else can go get ice cream for free? See how lucky you are?!!

Alison said...

haha ya ok!!! :(