Thursday, February 28, 2008

i imagine that always posting new blogs could help u write here it goes, my mom owns home plate cafe (which i hate) but thats just doesnt mean that u shouldnt go there. in fact its not the food that i hate its that i have to waste all of my weekends...and plus my mom has 2 b there like 24/7 so come on give her a brake!!the restaurant isn't doing all that well since its in the middle of a car no one can really see us there...which means that we dont get that much business!!! (wow i m doin pretty good...i m comming up with all of this stuff in the spot...this feels good!!!) any way, where was i ? oh ya...and when i go every weekend... i get paid like $7 fore like 5 hrs...i mean like WRIP OFF!!!! well thats enough 4 now bye!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

ME AND STEPH again : )

Me at LEGO LAND we were trying 2 program robots, my MOM finished like 15 min b 4 every one else
Me and my grama at legoland on the storybook ride
HAHA julie said it was hard 4 all of her kids 2 look at the camera, but my mom too like 30 pics but either me or my grama werent lookin :) as u can tell...she finally gave up.

ME and STEPH, she is 1 of my BFFL'S. she is in 5th grade. and lives rite down the street from me : )

some people think we look just alike but WE dont think so.

my life

my name is alison and i m 12 years was just me my mom, and cameron then about 5 years ago my mom married danny...then it was me, my mom, danny, cameron, lincoln, dallas, mindy, lindsey, hannah. plus their spouses! so...ya i m in 6th grade, and i love 2 hang out wit my friends, and i don't really have a BEST friend...its more like a lot of "aquantinces" or at least thats wat my grampa says. but then again wat does he know!
my teacher is ok, he likes 2 giv me a hard time though. MOST people do. he really gets on my nerves when he makes me stay in 4 RECESS, just because i havent taken an a.r. test in a month, or 2, but still every one reads at their own level, right? or maybe its just the fact that i lost my book last week.
Anyway, i like 2 draw, i like skool (only cuz of my friends) and i dont get how some people (julie) can just write away in their BLOGS and still have more to write about later ; )