Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LoNG TiMe!!!! :)

dont have much to say. but here are some picturess:) i have reallly liked taking pictuures lately, and editing them:) i will try to post moree blogs:D laterrr!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


The temple... we were just heading out of Washington.
My mom was obsessed with this suspense bridge we drove over it like 4 times!!!

on tuesday, my mom took me and my two cousins (who got to play hookie for school) bowling and to Chuck E. Cheese's (they were right next door to eachother)

haha this picture cracks me up!!! i don't know why im making that face!

I look like a freaking lion!!! my hair was hideous! yuck!!!! but anyways... the wedding was nice and so was Washington, i liked it there!! Way better than arizona! i mean like why is it still hot!!! like whats up with that :( i just can't wait for the winter to come...if it ever does!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Look at precious little Jace!!!! he is sooo hansome
haha!!! lol

*Emma has a really adorable smile!!! i love her!!!! haha i love this picture*

***** awww look at that smile****
her on her blessing day:)

Isn't she a cutie!!!? :D

Rachel is very photogenic!!? and she loves to pose like a" pretty priincess" :)

Jace is the newest baby in the family and is way, way adorable!!

Emma has the cutest smile and is a really fast learner! she'll be walkin in no time:)
I love annie soo much she is soo affectionate!!!!!! she loves to give hugs and kisses! what a cutie!!!

(she loves to have her picture taken) :D

Sunday, March 2, 2008

i m soo sad 4 next year, i m gonna b the baby of the skool :( and plus most of my frnds r goin to rhodes and i m goin 2 hendrix. i m gonna miss all of my frnds so much next year...i just wanted u all 2 no that...well...I LOVE U!!!!

p.s. mom since i m goin ta b in j.h. and all i think u should let me go to the mall and actually do more stuff...I LOVE U 2!!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

i imagine that always posting new blogs could help u write here it goes, my mom owns home plate cafe (which i hate) but thats just doesnt mean that u shouldnt go there. in fact its not the food that i hate its that i have to waste all of my weekends...and plus my mom has 2 b there like 24/7 so come on give her a brake!!the restaurant isn't doing all that well since its in the middle of a car no one can really see us there...which means that we dont get that much business!!! (wow i m doin pretty good...i m comming up with all of this stuff in the spot...this feels good!!!) any way, where was i ? oh ya...and when i go every weekend... i get paid like $7 fore like 5 hrs...i mean like WRIP OFF!!!! well thats enough 4 now bye!!!